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Marketing Consultancy 

Routes to market 
Are you utilising all your possible routes to market? We can provide insight and analysis into your options. 
Social Media 
Do you know your Snapchat from your Instagram? Which ones are right for you? We work with social media experts who can identify these and help you create a social media strategy. 
Competitor Analysis 
Do you know who your competitors are and what they’re up to? We can help identify them and what they’re bringing to the marketplace. 

Sales Consultancy 

The numbers game 
Are you actively selling or just collecting orders? Do you have a sales pipeline and are you managing all stages of it? We can help you up your game and then keep on top of it. 
Are you adding value? 
Are all your customers aware of all you do? Are there other products or services that you could supply to them? Sometimes an outside appraisal can uncover opportunities not previously considered. 
Customer service 
Customers receiving good customer service are less likely to query price. On the other hand a customer is four times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related rather than price or product related. How good is your customer service? 

Presentation Training 

You know your product or service inside out. You may have worked with it all your adult life. But how easy do you find it to convey your message to prospective clients? We can help you ascertain the key benefits that you’re offering and how to convey that message professionally and with confidence. 
Video can grab attention and quickly deliver your message. It can get customers to your website and engage them once they’ve got there. But how do you achieve that without burning a huge hole in your marketing budget? We work with a video production company to help you get your message across on video both with training and technical support. 
Training Courses – one to one and group 
Does the thought of presenting to a group of people fill you with dread? Are you turning down opportunities to convey your knowledge at networking events and conferences? Do you have people in your organisation that need to convey information to peers or customers but are sending them to sleep with that 29th Powerpoint slide? We can help get you on the right presentation track and convey your message with confidence, both individually and in groups. 

Help with selling into European markets 

Is there a market for your product or service? Who are the main players? Will you need to adapt your offering to suit the local market? We can do the research while you carry on running your business. 
What’s your best route to market? Distributor? Agent? Direct Sales? What sort of promotion is required? Will you need translation services? Again, we can do the legwork and present you with the options. 
Sales Support 
At some stage in the process you’re going to need to physically visit the market and meet with intermediaries and prospective customers. We can help you organise an itinerary and set up appointments. 

Assistance for European companies  in the UK market 

How does the UK market differ from your domestic market? Who are your potential competitors? Will your product or service need adaptation? Being locally based means that we can research your potential marketplace more easily. 
What’s your best route to market? Distributor? Agent? Direct Sales? What sort of promotion is required? We can provide you with the options relating to your industry and your marketplace. 
Sales Support 
We can help you organise a market visit, arrange an itinerary and set up appointments. It is also possible for us to organise accompanied visits, where on-site visits are required, to ease the travel burden. 

Exhibition  Support Services 

Which exhibitions are available? What are the costs involved? We can find out which exhibitions are relevant to you and contact previous exhibitors to assess their outcomes. 
Planning an exhibition stand is time consuming. Stand design, personnel, transport and travel arrangements, liaising with exhibition organisers and contractors, promotions and give-aways...., the list is almost endless. We can help ease the burden. 
Training and support 
Have your staff manned an exhibition stand before? Do they know the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’? Do you have sufficient cover to allow for regular breaks? We can provide training and support both pre-exhibition and during the event. 
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